Life Coaching

  • How does Life Coaching work?
  • What is Life Coaching?
  • How does Life Coaching work?
  • What will I experience?
  • Is coaching suitable for everyone?
  • How much will it cost?

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching helps you gain insight and clarity on what you truly want and who you want to be. It empowers you to define and achieve your goals and equips you with the tools and attitudes to overcome obstacles, and to create and follow your plan to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

How does Life Coaching work?

I will be helping you to gain clarity on what you want in your life and who you want to be. We will then look at what may be holding you back and address these issues and help to put an action plan together to help you get to where you want to be. Coaching challenges your assumptions and questions what you want and why, and helps you think and act creatively in making steps toward your goals.

What will I experience?

During your sessions you will be asked questions designed to quickly understand where you are in your life, what you would like to change and what you would like to achieve. I will challenge your assumptions and help identify any limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential. Using a range of tools and techniques we will then pull together an achievable action plan and review progress.

Is coaching suitable for everyone?

Coaching is suitable for anyone. People tend to turn to coaching at times of change in their lives such as changing career, relationships beginning/ending, illness. However, coaching can help drive change as well as helping react to it so is suitable for anyone wanting to make changes or improvements in their life, even those who are unsure of exactly what changes!

What will it cost?

It is usual to have a series of sessions of life coaching to enable you to fully address the changes you want. The number and frequency of sessions can vary depending on the person and circumstances and I am happy to advise on an individual basis.

  •     Telephone consultation (up to half an hour) - Free 
  •     Single session (1 hour) - £50
  •      Life Coaching Programme ( 6 x 1 hour sessions) - £250
Payment is normally at the end of each session and is payable by cash or cheque (or card at Bliss Retreat only). For the Life Coaching Programme, payment is due before treatment or at the end of the first session.

Gift certificates are available.
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Are you interested in our Life Coaching Programme? Contact me at:
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